Mastermind & Course Content

Mastermind & Course Content


There are many elements to courses and no course is the same. I specialize in making content relatable, eye-catching and visually stimulating. A simple project like slide templates, downloadable PDFs, cover pages or the right advertising materlial can make a huge difference. A professional design will make the whole thing more marketable and fundementally... more profitable. 

    You will get new insights into yourself, your desires, your beliefs, and how to implement practices that inspire your success. 


    This is an introductory course designed for anyone who is feeling stuck and has desires to quantum leap into a new reality. 


    Week One - Alignment  

    • What is alignment 

    • Following your inner guidance

    • How to continue to feel connected 

    • Co-creating with the Universe Explained


    Week Two - Mindset 

    • Mind to Matter

    • How thoughts create your reality 

    • Perspective and how it shapes your thoughts 

    • Relationship with your dreams and goals

    • Law of Attraction


    Week Three - Discipline 

    • Dedication and motivation

    • Practices that influence your manifestations

    • How to change the momentum and vibration 

    • How to change your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and habits


    Week Four - Implement 

    • Pull it all together 

    • Lifestyle practices 

    • How to anchor your beliefs and feelings 

    • Rituals and ceremonies: why, and how they do and don’t work

    • Starting to practice and gain evidence 

    • Setting goals that motivate you rather than stop you 

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