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Dramatic Leaves

Mindset and Strategy for

high vibe living

Manifest a life you're wildly in love with so you do more good!

Mudra Meditation

Are you a high vibe, crystal loving, spiritually awakened Ray of light...

and still feeling unfulfilled, undervalued, and broke?  

READY to Fall in love with your life and purpose so you can

do more 

receive more 

become more 

Wealth is a byproduct of alignment.

It is your divine right to receive and radiate Universal Abundance. 


Money is freedom. Money is liberating. Empowering. It can transform your life, quickly. Money grants you the power, freedom, and resources needed to fulfill your purpose. 

If you believe on a subconscious level that money is not for you, you will continue to make decisions against acquiring and accepting it.

Money comes with a lot of baggage. Childhood conditioning, societal pressures, fear,  trauma, perceived competition, anxiety, and limiting beliefs keep you stuck and afraid. 

Heal your relationship with money by healing yourself

Feel worthy, confident, enough, and capable. 

By design when you free the restraints and conditioning around money, abundance flows...


Let prosperity become a byproduct of your passion, clarity, and intention. 

Image by Jared Rice
Wellness Coach

Unlock your inner knowing and potential

You're sick playing small. You know you're playing small, but you just can't break your own cycle.

Do feel limited by fear of failure, fear of disapproval, fear of risk, fear of judgment, fear of not being good enough, fear of not know what to do, fear of not "making it," fear of not reaching your target, fear of making mistakes...

Release Fear

Gain self Trust 

Move forward

Manifest your desires



Discover the power of

true freedom

Believe in yourself 

KNOW your worth

power & purpose 



A powerful mindset acts like a magnet. When you have a clear view of your value and worth, you naturally attract. 

Feel confident that wealth is for you. 

Feel confident you are allowed to receive and receive abundantly.

Trust that you are protected, supported, and money is always coming to you. 


You are worthy of greatness, support, and clarity. 

You'll receive support, accountability, and custom guidance so you can freely manifest your desires. 


More importantly, we'll dive deep into the mindset, truly understanding abundance at the core, develop trust in yourself, and explore unlimited expansion. We'll bust the beliefs that keep you stuck in scarcity and elevate your self-esteem so you can be valued richly for your gifts.

Founder of Katrine Julie & Co.

I'm an ethical entrepreneur, online presence developer, business strategist, and Earth mama.


I've helped thousands make more conscious choices and I'm here to help you show up, and harness abundance with ease.

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Hi, I'm Kat,

A 30-day intensive dive into
The Art of Manifestation.
A powerful tool to help you redesign your life. 
1. Finding Alignment 
2. Universal Abundance 
3. Permission to be Authentically You
4. Success by Design 
5. Busting Limiting Beliefs and Fears
6. Build Confidence in Self and Service 
7. Feel financially "set for life" 
8. Build practices and disciplines that inspire your continued success
It Includes: 
- 30 Days
- Daily Journal Prompts
- Weekly Training Material
- LIVE weekly training + Q&As
- AMAZING Community Support 
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