A passion for Conscious Business

I help businesses and entrepreneurs excel online through developmental expertise, visionary web design and a passion for helping you succeed


Meet Katrine Julie Cook

I have a passion for creating eye-catching websites, logos, and graphics with stunning efficiency that help you, not only stand out but get ahead. It is my life's work to covert purpose into intuitive, crystal clear virtual design.

I specialize in well-designed websites with attuned branding for your specific needs. I couple this with consultation, training, and strategic tools to get you results. 


 A confident online presence will have a significant impact on your business. It's my natural gift to help tell your story online and reach a wider audience.

I create custom websites, professional graphics, intuitive brands, and refine revenue initiatives, all while designing custom content that effortlessly communicates your purpose. 

I make your vision a reality.

x - Kat


Our specialty is mission-momentum.

We help organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs excel online by utilizing their purposeful mission to build a powerful core identity and community image.


We know you are trying to change the world, it's our specialty to highlight the attributes that make you great. We incorporate your mission, environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), reporting Initiatives, community support efforts, sustainability marketing, and other ethic based principles to create an authentic and bold online presence.

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I focused my Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy, concentration in Environmental Management, on applied sustainability, and how environmentalism improves business function and public image. Specifically, how sustainability reporting affected profit margins of Fortune 500 companies.

I am fascinated by how businesses utilize sustainable practices to improve their footprint, but also how sustainability and ethics have become vital components of marketing and branding initiatives.

As we transition to more conscious consumers, it becomes ever more pertinent businesses adapt their practices, online presence and marketing to compete. 

 I love the power of integrating function, purpose, and design. Born and raised in Norway, I have a particular affinity for the minimalist and Scandinavian aesthetics.  


I've worked in marketing, stewardship, and development for almost a decade. It is my greatest pleasure to work with entrepreneurs and small businesses that are deeply rooted in a desire for changing the world for good.


Success based design is art. It requires an integrated and holistic approach, prioritizing structure, function, messaging, stewardship, relationships, and analytics.